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The Mexorcist

Discussion in 'Our Side Of The Hill' started by Dan Ullom, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. Dan Ullom

    Dan Ullom Administrator Staff Member

    Our Mexorcism will take 120 days.

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  2. Dan Ullom

    Dan Ullom Administrator Staff Member

    Councilman Rick Kowalczyk's response was posted on TalkAbout. I have reposted it here.

    "John Ullom, posting as Dan Ullom, you are incredibly offensive with the use of such an ugly term like 'Mexorcist'. Shame on you. Your video parody is slanderous and beyond offensive. You are sick.

    I have zero tolerance for racism, and I will not stand by and let you propagate racial tension in a community that needs more unity, not more strain. This is not your first foray to create tension with our Latino community. You need help, and education. Our community deserves better than this garbage you are stirring up..

    As for Mac Dutra park, and some facts...

    Architects developed a beautiful design concept, with dozens of features that will all be improvements, including tables and chairs that can be arranged for events or tucked away when more space is needed.

    Tables, chairs, and other accessories are fully part of the plan. Everyone in the community will be able to enjoy the park. EVERYONE.

    Plans for Mac Dutra Park were shared with the Latino community on multiple occasions. I know this BECAUSE I AM THE ONE THAT PRINTED THE DESIGNS AND PRESENTED THEM, with translators when needed.

    AND, I personally (accompanied by a well known community volunteer) met with day workers at Mac Dutra Park so there are no surprises during the project. The 20 people I met with were very appreciative to know about the plans so they can make alternate plans when the park is under construction. They universally liked the designs, appreciated being included in the process, and offered to assist during construction. I agreed to return when I knew more project details.

    I even exchanged contact information with several of the guys in the park, who wanted to be able to reach out to me when other things come up. I welcomed that.

    So John Ullom... propagate whatever garbage you want to put forth, but the facts of the matter are completely contrary to the swill you're pushing.

    Rick Kowalczyk, HMB City Council."

    You can find Councilman Rick Kowalczyk's original post here.

  3. Dan Ullom

    Dan Ullom Administrator Staff Member

    Does anyone have a copy of these plans they could post here? Rick, you have copies. Please post here or on talkabout.
    It would be interesting to see what the city council approved.
  4. Boney Bills

    Boney Bills Member

    After reading Mr Kowalczyk's hysterical response I thought of the following quote by Sol Luckman

    " evidence never seemed to matter to those in power, who had already made up their minds and did what people typically do when their worldview is threatened by new data: they attacked the messenger.”
  5. Dan Ullom

    Dan Ullom Administrator Staff Member

    Here is the current plans for Mac Dutra Park
  6. Dan Ullom

    Dan Ullom Administrator Staff Member

    I understand that again I am being called a racist on talkabout.
    They are right. I hate THUGS! I didn't know that THUGS are considered a race but I guess if they are then I am racist because I hate THUGS.
    Rick you are now the leader of your own race, the THUGS. Thugs unite and bow down to your leader.
  7. Dan Ullom

    Dan Ullom Administrator Staff Member

    This project is due to start in April but they are still taking bids. So actually we have no idea how much it is going to cost or how long it will take. That is good because the Mexorcist hasn't found a place to send the day laborers to yet. Maybe we should call this the Mexodus. Let My People Go!
  8. Dan Ullom

    Dan Ullom Administrator Staff Member

    To no ones surprise the completion of the park is delayed. Hopefully this mexorcism will be completed before the pumpkin fest and the day laborers can return to the park.
  9. Dan Ullom

    Dan Ullom Administrator Staff Member

    Well the previous link I gave to the Park Master Plan has been removed. Damn I should have downloaded the file first. I apologize to all who care. here is the current version
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  10. Dan Ullom

    Dan Ullom Administrator Staff Member

    The park is complete I think, not sure because the day laborers have not returned. I see there are tables and chairs out but no one is sitting in them. The Mexorcism is complete.

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