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The House Of Guess

Discussion in 'Our Side Of The Hill' started by skygizmo, Nov 27, 2016.

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    One of the most frustrating parts of our job is when we suspect or know who committed a crime, but we don’t have enough evidence to prove it. My fallback motto is “Karma” : -- Chief Deputy District Attorney Karen Guidotti

    Like Father Like Son

    Griffin William Guess got his start in the entertainment industry with the help of his father, Dr. Lewis Donald Guess. Dr. Guess was a dentist who formed a financial services company named Xélan. The full company name was Xélan, the Economic Association of Health Professionals. Dr. Guess marketed financial products sold by Xélan at medical and dental conventions. For almost 30 years, Xélan sold a mixture of tax shelters, insurance products, and lifestyle philosophies.

    Dr. Guess pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into Griffin's company, "Machete Inc." He also commingled Xélan funds and Xélan employees with Griffin's company. This became problematic when Xélan was bankrupted after the IRS exposed it as a quasi tax avoidance Ponzi scheme. Machete Inc. came to an abrupt end when Griffin's father cut him off. Many of the employees and vendors of Machete were owed money when it went bankrupt.
    • In a case the judge described as being interesting, the people who were owed money by Griffin went after his father and won...sort of: -- Like Father Like Son
    • Currently Cartel Management continues a history of financial mismanagement : -- Modus Operandi
    The Sins Of The Son

    Cartel Management used a Capitola family as "legal human shields". Sam and Natalie Smith, (not their real names), have a child who is recovering from cancer. Brian Waters, Chief Operating Officer of Cartel Management, used Natalie Smith's wireless network in a vain attempt to destroy evidence of Cartel's attempt to smear . Because of Cartels cynical abuse of the Smith family, they became persons of interest in the investigation. Mr. Smith was subjected to the embarrassment of having Detective Chaghouri interview him at his place of employment. In a subsequent phone conversation, Mr. Smith informed Detective Chaghouri that Griffin Guess had apologized to him for the nightmare inflicted upon the Smith family : -- The Investigation

    Griffin Guess, Cartel Records, and Cartel Management have been involved in at least 5 lawsuits in the last 6 years.
    • Cartel Management, Griffin Guess, and his wife Marisa Miller hit with a breech of contract guilty and a one million dollar judgement against them: -- All She Had To Do Was Show Up
    Tools Of Griffin Guess

    On Nov. 23, 2016 at 4:41pm, Coastside Businessman Lenny Mendonca posted the following comment on his Facebook page.

    "Enjoy Thanksgiving Coastside and San Mateo County citizens and taxpayers. I for one am thankful that @SabrinaBrennan will be deposed Monday and eventually the truth will be public. #transparency is crucial to uphold in public officials. Sunlight is a great disinfectant. Look forward to high quality investigative journalism doing its job." — Lenny Mendonca

    On Nov. 26, 2016, Hartnett, Smith & Paetkau, the attorneys representing Cartel Management withdrew their Deposition Subpoena and cancelled the deposition interview Mr. Mendonca was hoping for.

    Cartel Management and their supporters Lenny Mendonca and Harbor Commissioner Virginia Chang Kiraly used the lawsuit as an opportunity to exploit a crime that victimized a young family. Cartel Management instructed its lawyers to depose people who know the victim of the crime they committed. They did this to score points against their political rivals by encouraging off topic depositions of innocent Coastsiders. The retribution by deposition strategy worked. The victim dismissed the lawsuit. The victim concluded that the pain inflicted on innocent people by Cartel Management was not worth the fight for justice.
    Surf Gangster Eco Hypocrisy

    The Titans of Mavericks claim that they are Friends of the Ocean. They boast about their association with the Monterrey Bay Aquarium which they list as a partner on the official Titans website. Cartel Management apparently ranks hype over nature. Using the Titans of Mavericks Facebook Page, Cartel promoted an unsanctioned preseason tryout for the two Wildcard slots in their surf contest. Cartel personnel brazenly used Jet Skis in the Marine Sanctuary even though the rules clearly prohibited doing so. Cartel even streamed their violations live on Facebook.

    I spoke to our OLE officer at the end of the day and was told that when he arrived, basically all the skis had left except for one who was washing his jet ski down in the parking lot. Since this guy was not actively operating his ski in the sanctuary at that time, our officer felt he couldn't justify ticketing him. But he explained the prohibition on jet skis (which the surfer claimed not to know about) and also explained he'll receive a ticket the next time he attempts to use the ski when it is not allowed. Our superintendent had also made a few calls to folks in the surfing community to tell them no skis should be operating right now and I think word spread through the lineup and helped prompt the exodus. We'll continue to monitor the break with each new swell. If you could please keep us in the loop on any future incidents that you observe, that would be greatly appreciated.

    Max Delaney
    Resource Protection Specialist
    Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary

    Just because you have a half mile of dirt trail, does that mean you're in our pockets? -- Jeff Clark threatens to hold the contest without a permit from the Harbor District

    The Sins Of The Father

    Dr. Lewis Donald Guess divorced Carol Guess in 1999. The Doctor was ordered to pay $12,000.00 per month in alimony to his wife until he reached the age of 65 years 6 months. In 2008 he stopped paying. Meanwhile, the former Mrs. Guess discovered that Dr. Guess has hidden almost $2,000,000.00 dollars of marital assets. The Dr. used the money as a down payment on a $4,000,000.00 house. Griffin's mother was not amused. She sued and won. Because Dr. Guess had hidden the community asset, Carol Guess was awarded all of it.

    On April 9, 2009, Wife filed a motion for a determination that the money (allegedly $2,089,000) used by Husband to purchase a Coronado residence was a missed asset not divided between Husband and Wife pursuant to the Judgment. On June 18, the trial court conducted a hearing on Wife's motion and found she had shown, by clear and convincing evidence, that the source of the $1,956,089.47 amount used by Husband to purchase the Coronado residence was an undivided community property asset Husband had deliberately not disclosed to Wife. The court found Husband's conduct was both egregious and fraudulent and awarded Wife 100 percent of that undisclosed community property asset: -- Guess Vs Guess

    Unfortunately for Carol Guess, Dr. Guess stopped paying the bank. The bank took back the house and all the equity. Then the bank sold the house to the Bernhardsons. Again, Griffin's mother was not amused. She sued the family that bought the house. Carol Guess lost, appealed, then lost again. -- CAROL GUESS, Plaintiff and Appellant, v. MARK E. BERNHARDSON et al

    Dr. Guess had more pressing problems. The IRS was after him for filing false Tax Returns in 2001 and 2002. Like many gangsters, the crime that resulted in the Doctor going to jail was the evasion of paying taxes on his ill gotten gains.

    "Dr. Guess, a medical professional who had full control of a non-profit charitable entity, undermined the integrity of our U.S. tax system by falsely claiming a $800,000 donation in stock to an entity that he also fully controlled,” said Leslie P. DeMarco, Special Agent in Charge for IRS-Criminal Investigation in the Los Angeles Field Office. “The guilty verdicts demonstrates to all honest taxpayers that they should not have to assume the burden for those individuals who intentionally file false tax returns and cheat the government.”

    After a week-long trial, Judge Miller found that Guess filed false and fraudulent U.S. Individual Income Tax Returns for the calendar years 2001 and 2002 by falsely claiming that he donated $800,000 worth of stock to the Xélan Foundation, a charity that he controlled. According to the guilty verdicts, the transaction was “illusory” and Guess operated a “shell game” where he reaped the "profits.”: -- United States of America vs Lewis Donald Guess

    Among the many lawsuits generated by the failure of Xélan was one filed by Dr. Guess against the Significance Foundation. Dr. Guess spent nearly a decade trying to force the Significance Foundation to pay for legal fees he incurred because of the failure of Xélan. In the end, Dr. Guess seems to have finally won one: -- L. DONALD GUESS, Plaintiff and Respondent, v. THE SIGNIFICANCE FOUNDATION, Defendant and Appellant

    The House Of Guess Attorney A.K.A. The Family Consigliere

    At its height Xélan was an international enterprise/scam with $500,000,000.00 in assets. Lewis Donald Guess needed lots of help to run the operation. David Jacquot was the lead lawyer. The IRS went after him for tax evasion too. Before the Feds were done with Mr. Jacquot, he was charged with violating the Mann Act, investigated for arson, lost his voice for reasons unexplained, and finally confessed to years of raping a child his wife obtained from an orphanage in Kazakhstan.
    • As authorities closed in, David Jacquot's rural North Idaho home burst into flames. But that was just the beginning: -- Narrow Escape
    • For the horrible crimes he confessed to, David Jacquot was sentenced to time served, 25 years of supervised probation, and registration as a sex offender: -- Jacquot Sentenced to time served
    • He has been disbarred in Idaho, California, and every other state. David Jacquot now lives in Idaho. He has a Paralegal company. -- TrustedParalegal.com
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