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SS City of Rio de Janeiro,

Discussion in 'The Other Side Of The Hill' started by Mark De Paula, Dec 13, 2014.

  1. Mark De Paula

    Mark De Paula Active Member

    My Mother-In-Law Dorothy Landucci is 90 years old, and I think she is the only descendant related to the SS City of Rio Janeiro.
    Her grandfather kept the lights on the ship while it was sinking, he died doing his duty.
    The Rio is San Francisco's Titanic.
    4 years ago,Carl Nolte of S.F. Chronicle wrote an article about the ship, which included my Mother-In-Law.
    My wife,sons & I are happy they finally found this ship.
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  2. Boney Bills

    Boney Bills Member

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  3. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

  4. bigsea94019

    bigsea94019 New Member

    Wow, your Wife's Grandfather,
    What was his name?
  5. Mark De Paula

    Mark De Paula Active Member

    My wife's Great Grandfathers name was/is Thomas Brady.
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  6. Dan Ullom

    Dan Ullom Administrator Staff Member

  7. bigsea94019

    bigsea94019 New Member

    Mr. DePaula, Having an interest in local and wider California history, I am fascinated by the disconnect people in the US have concerning California and her people's very foundation. That we're a State born of natural resources overlooks the fact that the PEOPLE are our driving force. From the industrious to the bedraggled, the wealthy to the impoverished, California has always held an open hand to people in search of a home. Your Family's contribution to our great state has a place to forever be remembered. Forget the gesture of your Great Grandfather Thomas Brady giving his life to save as many others as he could. Forget about his duty and commitment to carry it out.
    Think for a minute about who he was saving. About the time in which he lived. About the exclusion act and laws governing immigration from Asia at that time. Forget about the rampant racism that was at that time as liable to see an immigrant from China dead as it is to see an african american or latin american person killed today.
    He saved an overwhelmingly chinese immigrant bunch of nobodies from drowning there in that freezing water amid confusion and all.
    He manned his station to save the least of us.
    He is California. Thomas Brady should be remembered as what he is.
    A true hero. A credit to your family. A credit to us all.
    This man is what makes me know everything is going to turn out alright. There are millions more that don't even know they have it in them to be a hero and credit to humanity.
    They're too busy making the world smaller with their conquests...
    Thank You Mr. DePaula for sharing. Please tell your wife I am thrilled by further reading in the San Francisco Call and other sources, always ready to see my hero Thomas Brady's name for all of history to remember.
    What a man...
  8. Mark De Paula

    Mark De Paula Active Member


    Please read the above story.

    The newspaper that was framed and presented to Dorothy Landucci in the above article was a special edition run from 1934.

    The SS Rio sank in 1901.

    What was significant about this newspaper it was the issue that Dorothy brought into class as a 10 year old girl.

    Dorothy could not wait to bring it to school and show it to her teacher at Longfellow School in San Francisco.

    The framed newspaper from the above article Dorothy had brought to school in 1934.

    From 5 years ago to today, Dorothy proudly has it displayed on her wall.
  9. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    Great story, thank you for sharing it.
  10. Mark De Paula

    Mark De Paula Active Member

    Dorothy Landucci was touched by your post about her Grandfather,read your post yesterday.

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