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SMC adds Human Trafficking Program Coordinator, former SSFPD Deputy Chief.

Discussion in 'The Other Side Of The Hill' started by Michael Stogner, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    County of San Mateo Hires Human Trafficking Program Coordinator to Combat Sale of Human Beings

    Posted by Christa Bigue on Jan 11th 2016

    Human trafficking — it’s modern-day slavery, the world’s fastest-growing criminal enterprise, and it’s happening right here in San Mateo County.

    And, Mike Brosnan, the County of San Mateo’s Human Trafficking Program Coordinator, wants to talk about it.

    “My job, simply stated, is to initiate a conversation with everyone surrounding the human trafficking subject – both sworn and civilian,” Brosnan said.

    Brosnan is as focused on that dialogue today, Jan. 11, 2016, Human Trafficking Awareness Day, as he is every day. Designating just one day of awareness on an issue that involves the sale of human beings by means of force, fear and coercion for the purpose of sexual and labor exploitation is just not enough, he said.

    “I want to create awareness, while at the same time build an infrastructure to dismantle human trafficking for the future,” said Brosnan, who describes his work style on the topic as passionate, inquisitive and optimistic.

    Brosnan comes to the newly-created position under the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office with more than 28 years of experience at the South San Francisco Police Department as a police officer, captain and deputy chief.

    He coordinates, leverages and enhances the efforts between law enforcement and allied agencies who are all working together to prevent trafficking of human beings and shut down any illicit massage parlors in San Mateo County.

    Brosnan said, San Mateo County has the potential for human trafficking within both commercial sex and labor trafficking found in businesses, homes and online especially since the Bay Area is a primary transit and destination for victims.

    “Human trafficking has no place in our society and by hiring Mike to help coordinate and leverage all the resources in our county, we are assured that there will be focus on this important issue every day,” said San Mateo County Deputy County Manager Mike Callagy.

    Callagy also serves on the California Massage Therapy Board which protects the public by certifying qualified massage professionals in California.

    To date, more than 10 illegal massage parlors have been shut down in the unincorporated areas of San Mateo County since 2012, according to the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office.

    “The San Mateo County Sheriff's Office has aggressively targeted those establishments where human trafficking may be occurring. We are proud that there are currently no illegal massage parlors existing in any of the areas that fall under the responsibility of the Sheriff's Office," Undersheriff Carlos G. Bolanos said.

    Still, there’s more work to be done, “to get the message across that this behavior is illegal and unacceptable, and we are not going to tolerate it any more,” Brosnan said. The perpetrators of human trafficking have become more sophisticated and organized, requiring an equally sophisticated response from law enforcement and its partners to disrupt and dismantle their networks.

    “Human trafficking, like many other emerging law enforcement issues, is about training, awareness, partnerships, and collaboration,” Brosnan said.

    His top priorities? To create awareness and build relationships, educate, train, prosecute, and make policy and procedural adjustments.

    “We need to educate our law enforcement personnel so they can complete full and proper investigations,” Brosnan said. “Human trafficking is about force, fear and coercion. Our investigators need to understand they may need to dig though very confusing statements and evidence to uncover the elements of that force, fear and coercion.”

    As important is educating community members because “they are our eyes and ears, our reporting parties and witnesses,” Brosnan said. “We need to raise awareness, and then welcome their suspicions through a quality investigative process to hold traffickers accountable. A well-engaged citizenry has proven to be beneficial many times over.”

    Other primary issues for Brosnan to tackle include educating victims by giving them hope for a better life and providing prevention and exit strategies.

    Yet he knows he’s up against a tough task and said the amount of human trafficking is rising because it’s such a money maker.

    “When the product and supply is a human, a trafficker can sell that human multiple times, a much greater potential for revenue. Human trafficking is a business and we, as a society, need to view it as such,” Brosnan said.

    He explained that like most business models, human trafficking uses supply (victims), demand (buyers), and distribution (traffickers / facilitators) to generate revenue.

    “If we truly want to disrupt and dismantle this, we have to build partnerships, collaborate, and engage in all three parts of the business and operation,” Brosnan said.

    Despite the obstacles, Brosnan’s optimism and passion for the job stand strong.

    “We are on the front end of social change within the human trafficking environment – both labor and commercial sex. I am encouraged by the level of outrage and engagement, and I believe we are going to see progress in raising awareness and fighting human trafficking wherever it exists,” he said.

    For immediate safety concerns, call 911. Reach the National Human Trafficking Hotline by calling 888-3737-888 or texting 233733 (BeFree).

    - See more at: http://cmo.smcgov.org/blog/2016-01-...inator-combat-sale-human#sthash.Nta8IYfY.dpuf
  2. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    If I'm not mistaking this is the SSFPD Deputy Chief who on May 26, 2015 at the Harbor District Meeting ordered John Ullom to not turn on his broadcasting device until the meeting was over. Those eyes are hard to forget.
  3. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

  4. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    “My job, simply stated, is to initiate a conversation with everyone surrounding the human trafficking subject – both sworn and civilian,” Brosnan said.

    Has he had a conversation with San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks and UnderSheriff Carlos Bolanos yet?
    Both detained by the FBI April 21, 2007 at 3474 Eldon St. Las Vegas Nevada as Customers of Human Trafficked Sex Slaves.
  5. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    Jody Williams is the real deal she posted this on my SMC NEWS by MS FB page. I have known about her since 2007.

    That's not what I mean at all. I wish you could understand how frustrating what I'm going through is. First of all, this whole trafficking operation has been going on for a long time. That's why I gave the press conference I did in 2007 you can read about at www.hightechmadam.com The conference was because I could not understand why nothing was being done about trafficking within the legal sex industry - including strip clubs, legal brothels and massage parlors. I'm the person who founded this movement because our country wasn't recognizing trafficking at all with respect to American citizens. I busted my ass for 13 years to get the public awareness up to see the Trafficking Act of 2000 passed. I was promised the job of director of ATLAS by the Salvation Army in Vegas. I'm thinking I'm starting this job in April, and in February I open the paper to see Terri Miller, a school teacher has been given my job. I had agreed to take the job to bust this ring open because it was mostly all cops who were working a network across the country. I was supposed to have been given the authority of arrest these types of cops. But I got ahold of Terri and she didn't even know who I was. The task force was supposed to be interviewing every prostitute held or arrested (they don't arrest many but hold a lot for 24 hours) to see who was being trafficked. That's what the force was supposed to be. A few months before I had gotten all of the names of officers involved, the addresses where the brothels were operating, who was working in them, phone numbers, how it was set up, everything. I made a fatal mistake of handing the file to Chief Gillispie. Within 24 hours of that, everything was cleaned out. I mean you could smell bleach on the walls. The chop shop was gone. So it looked like I had been making up the whole thing. But the Asian operation was still there - only they went into "lock down". Meaning they were only seeing Chinese men flying in from China who were getting into the cabs driven by the Chinese drivers. The women were in private homes so I had no way to get at them. We couldn't even send in a "fake john" because how are we going to get a man in from China with a ticket to show? I had to bust my ass to find a reporter who would believe me first of all. Then after I did I had to convince them to do this "ride along" on that specific date. I knew because of the bike run there'd be a drop because that was their cover if caught. So I"m sitting at Terri's house waiting for this call. They were supposed to take them to the jail. The law requires with foreign women they have to be held until their visas' process to see if they're in the country legally. Also, the task force is supposed to question them before releasing. Only we get the call they're at the Salvation Army. We get there maybe 20 minutes after the call and they tell me "they're gone". They lied to me and told me there was no file made, they don't know their names, etc. i went NUTS. I started demanding to know since when do they let women go back with their pimps when there was BAGS of drugs found on the premises? Greg is saying "oh we just asked the cab driver to take us to get a massage". So I'm demanding they go get the tape from the cab that I know would have recorded him. I know because that year my cab drivers who used to bring victims to me were fired for doing so. Then I had other drivers telling me they couldn't bring me victims because the cameras were always on. They won't let me NEAR a reporter for me to tell them I had staged this on that day because the ring I've been pulling women out from uses cops to drive the cars that deliver the drugs, guns, stolen car parts, and the women to void detection and that today was "drop day" so I wanted to hear THEM explain to me what they were doing there that day. but again Adelson owns the Review Journal and they're going into damage control to try and make them look all innocent. Next thing I know, Metro gives the Salvation Army $375,000 to "restructure" the grant. The NEW task force is not interviewing every prostitute - they now can ONLY speak to victims REFERRED by Vic Vigna, head of vice. Only I have 7, count them 7, teenage prostitutes telling me that Vic's taken sex from them in order not to arrest them. Now granted they're happy he didn't arrest them - but its' wrong. It also means hell would freeze over before he'd refer anyone to us because he's going to cover his ass. Which he did. He starts spreading all over Metro that I'm "crazy" and that my accusations against those two cops as being "part of some conspiracy is absolutely absurd", but in the meantime in Las Vegas not one prostitute is being referred to ATLAS? i mean come on. I mean I want you to imagine how frustrated I'm getting by this point. All I can think of to do is get Vic shown for what he is and maybe then they're start interviewing these women about what's going on. Because all of them are telling me they are being either pimped or raped by cops. Now I want to know HOW one of these women is supposed to call the National Trafficking Hotline if all they do is say "call Metro" when Metro is who they're trying to get away from? They gave a grant to the Salvation Army for a "safe house" only that's no safe house when you're running from a cop. Which was the point of the press conference. I'm trying to explain to these people funding the Salvation Army to help victim when the victims are victims of cops isn't a solution which they are rolling their eyes at me like I"m crazy - so this was supposed to prove to them cops were involved and instead I have them then send these women HOME? No taking a prostitute who wants away from her pimp to go work up at the Bunny Ranch is NOT helping them! All Terri did all year was refuse to help me or do anything. I took a woman out of Vegas who is telling me she knows where Jessie Foster is and I'm trying to get Metro to look at this information and all they're doing is ignoring me. When I started jamming on Terri to DO SOMETHING - I then had an FBI agent call and threaten me he was going to lock me up for psychiatric observation and take my kid. Which is what this ring does. When Greg Munks and that other cop go home, they're on the human trafficking task force. I got a woman coming to me saying that when she told her traffickers she wanted to quit as she's been doing this for 40 years now - she says they drug her out of her home, slapped her with two fake prostitution charges, and then told her if she didn't go back to work, they're hit her with a 3rd and then deport her where they'd make sure she'd get the death penalty. She says they're connected to a man who is part of the govt back there. The ring has a branch in San Mateo and I have evidence of that. To check out her claim, we hired an attorney. He says if she was arrested there'd be a booking tape. He orders it and then gets threatened by a cop and an attorney to backc off. He tells me to "run" as there is no booking tapes. She then calls to tell me that attorney has said he fixed the problem and her record is cleared. Only I run her record and it's not. He lied. I go to show her that her record is still there - and I get a threatening call from a cop I recorded to "back off". I go to the Pasadena Chief and he ignores me. But then it sets off San Mateo. There's a private investigator who is part of the task force who literally starts following me online. Every single person I'm even commenting to - she is on them threatening them "if you value your reputation you won't speak to Jody". She scares off all these people and then she starts planting the whole 'you're crazy" and "you're 5150". I know what they're trying to set up. Only I don't react like most people. I hit her with a threat to file a stalking and defamation charge against her and to complain to her licensing board. I show her I have proof she lied on her profile. She says she's a member of the Defenders, only Dan tells me she's not. She backs down, but then another one starts up. I threaten with defamation and stalking. They back down. Then a third one starts. In the meantime they're calling everyone I"m speaking to and telling them I'm "completely nuts" and "you don't want anything to do with her". These people are telling me it sounds very clearly like a threat. In the meantime, I'm having people call me to say when they're reporting trafficking to these task forces, including San Mateo, they all have the same pattern. They're getting threatened by a cop, an attorney, and a PI to "back up" and "drop it". I had one man say it was his ex-girlfriend and he's not going to drop it. They hit him with a stalking charge, a TRO, and even took his legally owned gun leaving him defenseless. They staged a photo of him knocking on their door which he didn't do. The court went against him. He was in San Mateo. Now he had only called the police - he says how did this attorney and PI know his name to call him same as with me. I'm now getting calls from every region where there's a task force. When the Pasadena Chief ignored my calls I went to the City Manager. Next thing i know the Chief is calling me 5 times a day to "come in and talk to him". Okay but he won't understand who I'm talking about unless he looks at the Wichita, KS case, along with Chris Butler and Operation Dollhouse. You have to see how they're all part of the same ring. So I tell him I want to give him a week to get the files and then I'll come in. Only he keeps calling and pushing. At the same exact moment, a woman on the OC task force, who is also on the local SWOP chapter, starts claiming I'm "stalking and threatening " her when I HAVEN'T EVEN SPOKEN TO HER. She starts asking the local sex workers online she thinks might come to our meetings if they know where I live because she wants to either have me arrested or drug off on a 5150. There's no way I'm talking to her and I'm "stalking and threatening" her? I realize what's going on is if I go into that Pasadena station, I'm going to wind up like Sandra Bland. I call Wichita and ask them if anyone has called for the file and they say not even a call. Not a doubt in my mind he wants me in there to cart me off. I start thinking they can't possibly make a 5150 case stick - or can they? These people are all connected to each other in two ways, the task forces AND Relatively Media. Relativity film's "Intervention", and "Jails", "Catfish" and also "8 Minutes". ALL of this task forces are connected to this show "8 Minutes" where they make it appear this ex-cop Kevin Brown and a PI Greg Reese are out doing rescues. Their publicity and the show is bringing in millions of dollars in grant money and donations. I'm seeing Greg Munks speaking at luncheons about trafficking and they're getting fat checks. All these task forces are making it appear that Kevin Brown has a ranch that they're taking victims to in order to help them. They have cut off all my referrals and are telling these people all these stories about this supposed "ranch" they're taking victims to. Hear me out because BEFORE these task forces, people would call me to help victims. Now I'm being replaced and they're telling them "oh send them to us - don't send them to a bunch of ex-hookers and ex-madams - we're cops and ministers and licensed therapists" and they're putting this on for social services, probation, foster care, the whole 9 yards. So now the victims I would be getting a call about - they're sending to them only they'r lying. There is no "40 acres". I'm being ignored by both the CA and NV Attorney's General's office. Now I have proof all these groups in Nevada were lying when they conned people out of money for this non-existent safe house. Only I go to file a complaint in NV with Consumer Affairs and I find they've SHUT DOWN THE OFFICE? I go to the AG's then and they ignore me. Why? All these cops are saying i'm "crazy" for one thing. So they're not looking at my evidence. But then I'm getting "insider" calls telling me they're not going to call me because they're getting dollar matching for all this fraud, plus it's beefing up their budget, so I can forget anyone's going to call me about any of this. A judge already ordered a report against the Pasadena Police who they had a buddy do the report which came back their "only problem was a lack of money". The AG then says she's going to have "Erwin Chemersky" review the report only he's telling me "they haven't asked me anything. These people in this ring are arresting anyone who isn't part of the ring - in other words the "competitors". I'm going to reporters about this who are telling me they're all being treated with being fired if they write one word with my name in it. I got people telling me that the pimps are coming by at night and taking victims to work in the strip clubs, massage parlors, legal brothels and legal porn shoots and telling the staff "It's legal so it's ok". I know Greg is using that dog program to smuggle drugs into the jail. They're using the drug programs to find women to drag up to the Bunny Ranch. When I pushed on Kamala to look at the evidence I had on this ring and really pushed hard - she turned around 3 days later and announced she's running for Senate. I tried to get Erwin to look at this and help me speak to Loretta Lynch and he sounds too scared to talk to me. We have a judge down here who already disqualified 250 DA's. I found ONE agent who was wiling to go up against this ring, Claude Arnold, and next thing I know he's got a job at Haidi's auction company. The FBI that was investigating Tanaka got made a judge. People who get involved either get fired or promote and drop this. I get a woman at the AP to agree to look at everything and next thing they've given her a big TV show that take's up all her time. By the way, if you watch these two episodes of "Intervention" you see they have the ability to cart anyone off to jail or a 5150. Walmart has facial recognition by the way. Karen Hughes gets made head of Vice, head of N. Las Vegas police, head of Internal Affairs,and the task force. Now how am I supposed to complain against her? She grabs every reporters call and I can't get a word in. I went ahead and filed a complaint with Clark County IA on her. Next thing I know I'm shopping at a N. Las Vegas Walmart, and then the loss prevention agent, a woman, stops me before I can even get to the register and drags me into the bag. She runs my record going "I know you must have something I can arrest you on". So she's trying desperately to find something to arrest me on and won't let me out of this room. Then she tells me she's going to arrest me on shop lifting charges AND have my car towed unless I sign these papers. They're a copyright release for my photo. I'm thinking "WTF"? Then I remember Walmart has facial recognition software and this is the AVN weekend. They must have scanned me when I came in the door! http://traffickingandprostitutionservices.blogspot.com/…/ad… If you watch these shows - they have the ability to do this as this woman said they did to her. The man in China was Liang Yaohui - he got arrested a few months ago. The same thing as this is the arrests in Seattle. I notified LAX to look out for Chinese women - so they started bringing over Korean women. HOW am I supposed to get victims out if I can't get someone with the power to arrest OR major media attention. If I had not had a reporter at Dollhouse - you wouldn't know about this. It's how I got Chris Butler shut down. I went to the FBI who said "if this was Muslim's we could arrest". WTF? Because this is Chinese and American's I can't? I've gone to John Kerry, Diane Feinstein, the governor - no one will speak to me about this case. I'm now at the point where I"m worried if I go anywhere to try and push on this case I'm going to get carted off. To show how bad this is Chris Hanson went out to get independent funding to try and film the truth because major media will not report on any of this. I'm stumped where to go with this and I've got hookers telling me they can't get out because of how powerful this ring is. I've been able to do what I do because of having support. They're threatened all our support off. Frances Nuyen the actress to help us get press - threatened off. Assemblyman Beers - threatened off. So I'm just stumped. They have it now where I speak to a victim and I'm going to be arrested or carted off for observation. They try and call her once a week now trying to find out where our meetings are so we're on lockdown. I'm just lost here now as to what to do next.
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    Jody Williams This is what I was writing to you about - I"m out of options. EVERY SINGLE COP that I'm filing charges against for inappropriate conduct towards woman who are sex workers and some who are trafficking victims just steps down. Then they retire with their pension. Big punishment!

    NOTHING is changing. Right now our country has so much in common with Mexico and Columbia during the 1980's it's not even funny. I've been pounding on doors for four years now saying that trafficking victims are being trafficked out of safe houses that THEY insisted upon (we had a different system prior to 2003), and all I get is Portman saying "we need to get a report done".

    (Make Sweet Love) YOUR REPORTS. That's what I want to say when they keep doing this now. I think I have enough evidence to file a monopoly case against the Office of Trafficking in Persons, and I think I have enough evidence to file conspiracy to defraud the government out of the FCC who is a part of what I'm seeing happen. I've seen the reports.

    I had a woman have two Pasadena cops drag her out of her home and slap her with two fake prostitution charges. I know they are fake because there's no booking videos. When we tried to order them - they threatened me and our attorney. They order a "report". The report said they "need more money". NOTHING IS CHANGING.

    i push on the AG's office to DO SOMETHING and first she cries "no money". They don't need money. Then she says "not the right law". Yes under the RICO law they have the law. Then she just turns around and bails for Senate. When I went to file a complaint against the cop who threatened me - I was threatened with a 5150 charge. I then started being stalked and defamed bya "round" of private investigators.

    The minute I slap one with a notice of intention to sue for defamation - they back off sure. But then another one starts up. Then I serve them with a notice and they stop. Then another one starts. They now have me where if I knock on doors to be heard I will be drug off on a 5150 charge and from what I've seen with my own eyes on "Intervention" they can do it.

    I saw that because these traffickers in the police force are connected to Relativity Meida who produces "Intervention". I even saw a show on Intervention where they even told the guy they were going to fake a charge against him to drag him into therapy. Thing is that insurance pays for that.

    I'm having people telling me they're being drug against their will into treatment while these people re billing insurance. What a racket! Oh and the state has already come in and investigated them, held them liable in two deaths and shut them down. Before dust could settle on the roof - they had another inventor and were opening a new treatment center.

    You know why? The investors get access to prostitutes in locked down treatment where they can't get out and if they say they were raped at night - oh well she's crazy you know! Look back in 1987 when we launched our hotline and 12 step program it was for that reason. I was hearing about us being raped in treatment then. So I set up a list of programs we had worked with and we could trust to work wtih were safe.

    So what happens? The TVRA of 2003 gets passed and yanks the movement right out from under me. I have the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000 saying in the press "the movement has been hijacked" and is anything happening?

    No. Because the Office of Trafficking in Persons controls the licensing, the grants, the training, everything. I've now got people telling me if they so much as even speak to us they'll lose their funding.

    I have Sheldon Adelson telling me to my face that I'm "blacklisted" in the media, which since 2007 he's kept his word. No major reporter will write anything about what is going on! Why? Because he wants to make prostitution legal in the USA that's why.

    You know why? Because I've got workers at trafficking shelters telling me the pimps are coming by at night and picking up the victims and taking them into legal brothels, legal strip clubs, legal porn shoots, and legal massage parlors. They keep their trafficking raids to illegal street walking. In other words, they use the police to attack their competitors. Then they tell the shelter workers who say "this isn't right" that "it's legal". They call us and they get fired.

    I mean I'm at a loss here as to what to do at this point. When a victim can call me for help and then I get threatened with a restraining order or a TRO by their pimp if I call them back? Oh no -we've lost control baby.

    I've called every major private investigator I know of right now and asked them if any of them have heard of any REAL major busts against the traffickers and I'm hearing the same thing - no. To make me look stupid - I have had them point to things like http://reason.com/.../the-somali-sex-slave-ring-that-wasntand say "oh look at the great job we're doing - we don't need Sex Workers Anonymous" and then guess what? It was all a complete sham. NO THEY ARE NOT ARRESTING THE REAL TRAFFICKERS.

    BECAUSE THEY'RE COPS. They throw their competitor street pimps in jail they want out of the way.

    Then they trot one fake survivor after another after another like Samoly Mam, William Hillar, Chong Kim, Rachel Moran, and when I go to the FCC they tell me "it's not illegal to pretend to be a survivor" even when these fakes are being used to write laws? Are you kidding me? Then these fakes get millions in grants given to the same guys doing the trafficking. I'm sorry but I think that makes the FCC a "co-conspirator" in defrauding the government!
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    This event is very strange considering the well know fact that San Mateo County's top 2 Law Enforcement Sheriff' Greg Munks and UnderSheriff Carlos Bolanos were caught and detained as Customers of Human Trafficked Sex Slaves on April 21, 2007, 3474 Eldon Street, Las Vegas Nevada. In a Multi Jurisdictional Sting Operation named Doll House. More strange than that San Mateo County's top 2 in our District Attoney's Office sent E-mails of SUPPORT to both of them on April 25, 2007.

    Now we are having some feel good event and ignoring the reality.

    Human Trafficking Awareness Day May 14

    Join us as we explore the effects of modern-day slavery in the Bay Area,

    learn to recognize it and work to prevent it here in our own
    San Mateo County neighborhoods!

    Major sponsors

    Bay Area Anti-Trafficking Coalition

    San Mateo County History Museum

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    and Courthouse Square 2200 Broadway, Redwood City

    Saturday, May 14, 2016 11 am to 5 pm

    A free, countywide eventMusic • Rally • Speakers • Awareness Walk • Videos Fair Trade Vendors • Discussions • Survivor Art • Reception

    A citywide art exhibit April 14-May 15 will explore the topic as well.

    Visit www.BeforeOurVeryEyes.org for details.
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