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San Mateo County newspaper reporting

Discussion in 'The Other Side Of The Hill' started by Mark De Paula, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Mark De Paula

    Mark De Paula Active Member

    The one thing that I do not like about local newspapers, they write articles from the County of San Mateo press releases.
    I am not saying this happens every time.

    I have attended court hearings , and there are no reporters attending these hearings, but are writing stories.

    One agency is BAY CITY NEWS.

    I called and asked Dan Mc Menamin on Friday January 2, 2015 ( managing editor of BAY CITY NEWS), for an image of all of the reporters of BAY CITY NEWS.

    Dan’s reply was why?

    I would like to know if a reporter from your company is there, when writing a story of a court case.

    He said no to the images.
  2. Boney Bills

    Boney Bills Member

    Yes, Mark, that is certainly a problem in San Mateo County. The only newspaper doing any actual reporting seems to be The Half Moon Bay Review and their coverage is pretty limited. We are going to need to be the reporters using vehicles such as this to get the message out. Keep up your good work.
  3. Mark De Paula

    Mark De Paula Active Member

    Hello Boney Bills, Thank you, and thank you for all the work you and all are doing!
  4. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    Mark, Last week there is an excellent example of what you are reporting. Scott Morris of Bay City News Service wrote an article about San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan Lopez getting additional charges filed by DA Steve Wagstaffe. His article reached about 200,000 readers in 5 papers. He said Juan Lopez was a former deputy, that is a false statement, he quoted Steve Wagstaffe saying he was friendly to Juan Lopez when he was a deputy. That is a false statement, and finally he said that juan and his girlfriend embezzled up to $400,000 of campaign funds for his personal use. That is a false statement he only raised about $250 total. No printed correction of these false statements.
  5. Mark De Paula

    Mark De Paula Active Member

  6. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

  7. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    9 days ago I published SMC Sheriff Deputy Juan P. Lopez's $30,350,000.00 against San Mateo County on this website. The residents of San Mateo County can thank the Board of Supervisors for this suit. I say that because for 15 years I'm personally aware of many citizens warning them publicly of the Deep Level of Corruption in the District Attorney and Sheriff's Office and they have ignored the people taking the time out of their day to WARN them and they have avoided their duty under Gov. Code 25303. There is a crime in this lawsuit that is being avoided by the AG, SMCDA, SMCSO, DMV, and LA Court.

    Some person accessed the DMV Computer and placed Sheriff Deputy Juan Lopez's Drivers license number on another persons traffic ticket……Hacked

    THIRTY MILLION THREE HUNDRED FITY THOUSAND DOLLARS. Not one of our 7 papers has mentioned one word to inform the Residents Taxpayers.

    Last edited: Aug 30, 2015
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  8. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    San Mateo County has advertising media that looks like Newspapers

    Assemblyman Rich Gordon said The Palo Alto Daily Post is not a Newspaper. I agree.

    Attached Files:

  9. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    The Almanac which covers Portola Valley where Sheriff Greg Munks lives closed the Comments section on this subject, Why?

    Sheriff Greg Munks announces plans to retire in 2018

    by Dave Boyce / Almanac

    San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks said he plans to retire in December 2018, at the conclusion of his third four-year term in office.

    "It's a long ways off, but there have been rumors," Mr. Munks said. "I wanted to end any speculation, once I made up my mind. ... I feel an obligation to be transparent with my staff and the organization, but I also want to keep people focused on the organization and the job at hand."

    Mr. Munks first broke this news via email messages to the county manager, members of the board of supervisors and some others in county management, he said.

    Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos told him he wants to succeed him as sheriff, Mr. Munks said. "I will support my undersheriff when the time comes," he said.

    As to why he is retiring, Mr. Munks said he will be 65 in 2018, with 41 years of service behind him. "It's kind of a natural kind of time line," he said. "There's a life cycle to all jobs and all leadership positions."

    By that time, the new jail, scheduled to open in March, will have been in operation for two years, he said. Opening the new jail was one of his goals while in office, he said.

    Construction should be substantially complete in December, he said. Sheriff's Office administration will use the three-month interim to train staff and check and recheck operation of the jail's many systems, such as cameras and safety controls, Mr. Munks said.

    The women inmates will move in first, then the men, he said.


    Sorry, but further commenting on this topic has been closed.
  10. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    In this article there is no mention of Sgt. Jason E. Peardon. He is the sole person responsible for the Internal Affairs Investigation. Munks, Bolanos, Nibbling, and Silberman Know or should have known he is Dishonest. They didn't warn the 5 commissioners who invested 9 hours of their time that day. Also the reporter makes it sound like attorney David Washington was the sole person who caused the hearing to go so long. No mention that San Mateo County Counsel David Silberman, representing the Sheriff's Office supplied the Commissioners with document packets and verbal descriptions of non relevant subjects and non Sheriff subjects.

    Deputy loses suspension appeal: Juan Lopez sought to have Sheriff’s Office ruling overturned
    November 11, 2015, 05:00 AM By Bill Silverfarb Daily Journal
    Juan Lopez

    The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office suspension of Deputy Juan Lopez was upheld Tuesday by the county’s Civil Service Commission.

    Lopez, also facing criminal charges, sought to have his 150-suspension overturned based on inconsistent testimony from one deputy, two correctional officers and an inmate at county jail who Lopez allegedly hugged or touched inappropriately at least twice on Nov. 5, 2013.

    The hearing, scheduled for four hours, lasted nine hours as Lopez’s attorney David Washington took several hours to ask questions to a handful of witnesses.

    Lopez was suspended for dishonesty, said Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos, who originally suspended the deputy for 200 hours.

    Bolanos testified under oath that an internal affairs investigation found at least four different witnesses who said Lopez gave an inmate a “bro-hug” and later was seen walking with his arms around the inmate on a night he was being transferred out of a jail pod for safety reasons.

    The inmate was allegedly facing threats from other inmates within the pod for being too close to Lopez, according to county counsel.

    Lopez also gave the inmate, and others, personal food from home which is a violation of department policy.

    Lopez was also suspended for 120 hours in 2012 for giving an inmate food. In 2007, he was also allegedly discovered naked in a county courtroom after hours with a woman, Chief Deputy County Counsel David Silberman told the commission Tuesday.

    Lopez has repeatedly denied hugging the inmate and said any actions he took that night to comfort or guide the inmate was taken out of context.

    He testified Tuesday that he shook the inmate’s hand once, put his hand on his chest to slow him down and then on his neck and back to guide him.

    A hug, however, is considered to be undue affection and can lead to safety issues in the jail.

    Lopez did admit to sharing his food with inmates, however, even after being suspended in 2012.

    “I’m Catholic. I think it’s a sin to throw away food,” Lopez testified Tuesday.

    Lopez is being prosecuted by the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office on accusations of conspiring to smuggle cellphones and drugs into county jail. He is also being charged for embezzlement, perjury and election fraud as he ran an unsuccessful write-in campaign for county sheriff in 2014 against Sheriff Greg Munks.

    The accusations came to light after the initial internal affairs investigation into the undue affection discovered possible crimes took place.

    In November 2014, Lopez and correctional officers George Ismael and Michael Del Carlo were arrested after a 10-month investigation that prosecutors say revealed the men helped deliver cellphones, Oxycodone, Alprazolam and Ibuprofen to inmate Dionicio Lopez, no relation, while he was in custody between April and December 2013.

    Those charges are still pending.


    (650) 344-5200 ext. 102
  11. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

  12. Doug Radtke

    Doug Radtke New Member

    Blows the mind Michael... blows the mind

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