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San Mateo County Board of Supervisors Called to Act.

Discussion in 'The Other Side Of The Hill' started by Michael Stogner, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    This document was hand delivered to the County Offices yesterday. We are asking the Supervisors to do their job, SUPERVISE.
    Several San Mateo County citizens of note have called for the San Mateo Board of Supervisors to take action in matters related to the conduct of District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe, Sheriff Greg Munks, and Undersheriff Bolanos.

    Mark DePaula and Michael Stogner -- who were both recently candidates for County Supervisor, and citizen Lamont Phemister have submitted to the Board of Supervisors a request that the Board consider the following:

    1) That the Board should call on Sheriff Munks to resign as Sheriff.
    2) That Bolanos be dismissed.
    3) That DA Wagstaffe make public the report of the investigation into samTrans accounting.
    4) That DA Wagstaffe resign.
    5) That they call on the FBI to open the Operation Dollhouse report.
    6) That they call on the US Department of Justice to investigate samTrans.

    To view the entire document click link.

  2. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    I personally asked the Supervisors to sign my letter as private citizens and join me in asking for the resignations or retirement of Sheriff Munks and UnderSheriff Carlos Bolanos on July 22, 2008.
  3. Lamont Phemister

    Lamont Phemister New Member

    Michael, I hope everyone will follow your link

    to read the message delivered to the Board of Supervisors. It has also been delivered by hand to the offices of Sheriff Greg Munks and District Attorney Steven Wagstaffe.

    The message is also posted on www.ActForUs.com That web tells also about the June 2014 primary election campaign of an honest and courageous pair, Deputy Juan Lopez and his treasurer, Evelyn, This campaign sought to elect Deputy Lopez to replace Sheriff Greg Munks.

    Now, Munks and his sidekick, District Attorney Stephen Wagstaffe, have arrested Lopez and Evelyn and charged them with election fraud, claiming that Lopez was not a resident of San Mateo County when he ran for sheriff.

    I am not really concerned about Wagstaffe's claims because Deputy Lopez showed us all conclusive proof of his honesty and courage to have run for election against a corrupt sheriff.
    A dishonest deputy would not invited attention to himself by trying to remove the boss.

    Even though Wagstaffe does not have a case against Deputy Lopez, he is still inflicting serious physical and financial injury on Deputy Lopez. I visited Deputy Lopez in the hospital recently, and I was present when he went further into debt to the bail bondsman.

    Wagstaffe abuses this innocent man.

    Wagstaffe's fraud charge collapses on examination of the California Election Code. Eligibility for voting or being a candidate does require that one's domicile be in the jurisdiction where one votes or runs for office. The domicile is ordinarily where one resides with one's family. BUT, California Elections Code says that if a person chooses another ABODE and one's family does not reside there with the person, that new ABODE becomes the person's DOMICILE.

    That abode remains the person's DOMICILE even if they leave for a time so long as they INTEND to return.

    Deputy Lopez' DOMICILE formerly was in Newark where he still owns a house. But, three years ago, after he divorced, he changed his ABODE to the condo he bought in Redwood City, and where he registered to vote. His voter registration indicates his choice of Redwood City in San Mateo County as his DOMICILE. The fact that he must stay with his children in his former home in Newark on alternate weeks when he has custody of his children does not change his DOMICLE from San Mateo County. The law is clear.

    We have to assume that District Attorney Wagstaffe has read the election law and knows that his charge of fraud against Deputy Lopez is false because it has no basis in California law.

    That means Wagstaffe is guilty of fraud with malice "under color of office" and is unfit to serve as District Attorney.

    But, if Wagstaffe made the charge innocently because he did not read or understand the California Election Code, then we must think Wagstaffe is really too stupid to be District Attorney. Which is it Mr. Wagstaffe? Stupid or Crooked?

    Charges against Lopez for loan fraud and perjury also collapse because they have no basis in the California Election Code.

    The other charges Wagstaffe has made collapse on examination or on recent testimony in court where Michael Stogner witnessed a district attorney's inspector admitted that the office had no idea where a photo claimed as evidence came from. This photo was claimed to have come from Deputy Lopez' cell phone, and therefore was evidence that Lopez knew about the smuggling of cell phones.

    Apparently the District Attorney seized Lopez' cell phone at some point. But, a cell phone or any computer memory is like a loose leaf notebook. It would be simple for a techie to add a page or remove a page.

    Given Wagstaffe's coverup of multi-million dollar fraud reported by three accountants at samTrans, I don't believe anything coming from Wagstaffe.

    If anyone believes that Lopez took a photo in the jail with his cell phone one would have to ask what did the photo show? The jail has a program where inmates are allowed to use cell phones to call prospective employers toseek employment for when the inmate is released.

    If one believes that Lopez is dishonest and was permitting the use of cell phones smuggled into the jail, one has to believe he would not have taken a photo on his own phone that would expose himself.

    Mr. Wagstaffe seems to be a writer of fiction. But, if so, he fails in his attempt to compose credible plots for his fiction novel.

    More another time about Wagstaffe's fiction of charges of embezzlement.

    Lamont Phemister
  4. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

  5. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    Thank You Jody Williams,

    Jody Williams This is what I was writing to you about - I"m out of options. EVERY SINGLE COP that I'm filing charges against for inappropriate conduct towards woman who are sex workers and some who are trafficking victims just steps down. Then they retire with their pension. Big punishment!

    NOTHING is changing. Right now our country has so much in common with Mexico and Columbia during the 1980's it's not even funny. I've been pounding on doors for four years now saying that trafficking victims are being trafficked out of safe houses that THEY insisted upon (we had a different system prior to 2003), and all I get is Portman saying "we need to get a report done".

    (Make Sweet Love) YOUR REPORTS. That's what I want to say when they keep doing this now. I think I have enough evidence to file a monopoly case against the Office of Trafficking in Persons, and I think I have enough evidence to file conspiracy to defraud the government out of the FCC who is a part of what I'm seeing happen. I've seen the reports.

    I had a woman have two Pasadena cops drag her out of her home and slap her with two fake prostitution charges. I know they are fake because there's no booking videos. When we tried to order them - they threatened me and our attorney. They order a "report". The report said they "need more money". NOTHING IS CHANGING.

    i push on the AG's office to DO SOMETHING and first she cries "no money". They don't need money. Then she says "not the right law". Yes under the RICO law they have the law. Then she just turns around and bails for Senate. When I went to file a complaint against the cop who threatened me - I was threatened with a 5150 charge. I then started being stalked and defamed bya "round" of private investigators.

    The minute I slap one with a notice of intention to sue for defamation - they back off sure. But then another one starts up. Then I serve them with a notice and they stop. Then another one starts. They now have me where if I knock on doors to be heard I will be drug off on a 5150 charge and from what I've seen with my own eyes on "Intervention" they can do it.

    I saw that because these traffickers in the police force are connected to Relativity Meida who produces "Intervention". I even saw a show on Intervention where they even told the guy they were going to fake a charge against him to drag him into therapy. Thing is that insurance pays for that.

    I'm having people telling me they're being drug against their will into treatment while these people re billing insurance. What a racket! Oh and the state has already come in and investigated them, held them liable in two deaths and shut them down. Before dust could settle on the roof - they had another inventor and were opening a new treatment center.

    You know why? The investors get access to prostitutes in locked down treatment where they can't get out and if they say they were raped at night - oh well she's crazy you know! Look back in 1987 when we launched our hotline and 12 step program it was for that reason. I was hearing about us being raped in treatment then. So I set up a list of programs we had worked with and we could trust to work wtih were safe.

    So what happens? The TVRA of 2003 gets passed and yanks the movement right out from under me. I have the author of the Trafficking Act of 2000 saying in the press "the movement has been hijacked" and is anything happening?

    No. Because the Office of Trafficking in Persons controls the licensing, the grants, the training, everything. I've now got people telling me if they so much as even speak to us they'll lose their funding.

    I have Sheldon Adelson telling me to my face that I'm "blacklisted" in the media, which since 2007 he's kept his word. No major reporter will write anything about what is going on! Why? Because he wants to make prostitution legal in the USA that's why.

    You know why? Because I've got workers at trafficking shelters telling me the pimps are coming by at night and picking up the victims and taking them into legal brothels, legal strip clubs, legal porn shoots, and legal massage parlors. They keep their trafficking raids to illegal street walking. In other words, they use the police to attack their competitors. Then they tell the shelter workers who say "this isn't right" that "it's legal". They call us and they get fired.

    I mean I'm at a loss here as to what to do at this point. When a victim can call me for help and then I get threatened with a restraining order or a TRO by their pimp if I call them back? Oh no -we've lost control baby.

    I've called every major private investigator I know of right now and asked them if any of them have heard of any REAL major busts against the traffickers and I'm hearing the same thing - no. To make me look stupid - I have had them point to things like http://reason.com/.../the-somali-sex-slave-ring-that-wasntand say "oh look at the great job we're doing - we don't need Sex Workers Anonymous" and then guess what? It was all a complete sham. NO THEY ARE NOT ARRESTING THE REAL TRAFFICKERS.

    BECAUSE THEY'RE COPS. They throw their competitor street pimps in jail they want out of the way.

    Then they trot one fake survivor after another after another like Samoly Mam, William Hillar, Chong Kim, Rachel Moran, and when I go to the FCC they tell me "it's not illegal to pretend to be a survivor" even when these fakes are being used to write laws? Are you kidding me? Then these fakes get millions in grants given to the same guys doing the trafficking. I'm sorry but I think that makes the FCC a "co-conspirator" in defrauding the government!

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