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San Mateo County advertising dollars

Discussion in 'Our Side Of The Hill' started by Mark De Paula, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Mark De Paula

    Mark De Paula Active Member

    San Mateo County is a big client for the advertising papers (newspapers), listed below are the dollars spent for the last 3 fiscal years.
    Jim Saco is the Budget Director of San Mateo County, he furnished me with the costs' to the advertising papers.
    This is why we do not have real reporters investigating the San Mateo County Sheriff and District Attorney.

    County of San Mateo
    Publication Costs: Notices, Job Announcements, etc.
    Acct Acct Description

    5341 Legal Notices
    5342 Financial Publications
    5343 Advertising & Publicity Expense
    Three Year Average --- $540,112.00
    FY 2012‐13
    FY 2013‐14
    $ 589,022.00
    FY 2014‐15
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