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Kamala Harris has no interest in investigating California DMV Computer Hacked.

Discussion in 'The Other Side Of The Hill' started by Michael Stogner, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    This was a Letter to Editor I wrote,


    It's not as easy to report a crime as one would think. I first reported it to the AG's Office, They referred me to SMC District Attorney and Sheriff Office. I reported it to SMC District Attorney, and before that the Board of Supervisors of SMC. Our DA realized his office could not investigate this crime and he sent it to the AG's Office. Steve Wagstaffe informed me that they accepted the complaint, I thought finally we are getting somewhere, we will now get the IP address I'm looking for. Nope not so fast

    Joyce Blair Supervising Deputy Attorney General informed me that I failed to provide sufficient facts to warrant criminal a investigation.

    I asked the AG to identify the IP address that placed San Mateo County Sheriff Deputy Juan Lopez's Protected/Confidential license number unto an existing ticket in the California DMV Computer data base.

    This act caused his license to be Suspended.

    Welcome to San Mateo County

    Michael G. Stogner
    San Carlos, California.


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