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Jeff Clark Traded His Dream To A Charlatan For A Pat On The Back

Discussion in 'Our Side Of The Hill' started by John The Baptist, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. John The Baptist

    John The Baptist Moderator Staff Member

    "He'll wrap you in his arms,
    tell you that you've been a good boy
    He'll rekindle all the dreams
    it took you a lifetime to destroy"
    -- Nick Cave

    Griffin Guess now has complete control of the Mavericks permit issued by the San Mateo County Harbor District. For the next six years, GG's company Cartel Management, has a lock on the event that Jeff Clark hopes will make him a wealthy man andCassandra Clark hopes will repay the loan she she backed with the equity in her house. Shawn Dollar has put his reputation the line for a confidence man.

    GG claims many accomplishments for himself but other than being married to woman blessed with an inspiring boob to gut to butt ratio, Griffin Guess has accomplished nothing that can be verified. For example, Griffin Guess likes to drop Kayne West's name. GG claims that he was the Executive Producer on two of Mr. West's albums, "Late Registration" and "Graduation" . The linked Wiki pages for both albums list the credits for all involved in both projects. Griffen Guess is not credited with doing anything. Not even being a Gopher.

    GG likes to brag about his first company, Machete Inc. which is odd since the company was funded with money skimmed from GG's Daddy's 400 million dollar tax shelter scam. As soon as the Feds shut down Daddy's scam, Daddy shut down Machete Inc. GG still pretends that Machete was merged into another operation called Liberty Media.

    GG claims he has worked with Harley Davidson, The Grammy Awards, Apple, Buster Posey, Barry Bonds, Victoria's Secrete, the NFL, and more than a dozen world famous artists. A close examination will reveal that GG's wife, Marisa Miller is connected to more than half of what he claims he accomplished. MM's Wiki page barely mentions GG other than to note he is her husband. MM credits her husband with nothing.

    Cartel Management does represent Josh Baze. Unfortunately for Mr. Baze, not very well. Even though Cartel owns Josh Baze's domain name, his website is woefully out of date.

    Cartel Management and Jeff Clark welched on the deal they had with BodyGlove and all are embroiled in a lawsuit. In June of this year, Cartel Management and its only other cash cow, Griffin's wife were sued by a tanning lotion company. MM's needed to show up, look pretty while nearly naked, and to write some pretty things. GG and MM failed to honor their word it seems and are being sued for millions of dollars for breach of contract.

    Griffin Guess is a carpet bagger, a scammer, a flim flam man, whatever. The SMCHD handed this guy the keys to the wave that Jeff Clark thinks is his for the next six years. GG can kick out Clark, his wife Cassandra, or Overfelt at anytime.

    The sad thing is that Cassandra Clark has claimed that she took out a lone backed by the equity in her house to finance the whole shebang. Her husband just gave up control of the event that was supposed to score enough profit to pay back the debt to a man whose only accomplishment seems to be that he married a pretty girl with a boob to gut to butt ratio that a Barbie Doll would find unrealistic.

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  2. thehockeyman12

    thehockeyman12 New Member

    I saw Marisa at Whole Foods over break. Looked like she put on a few. No wonder she has stopped posting pics of herself to social media.

    Might want to edit to *used* to have body measurements that Barbie would find unrealistic.
  3. Dan Ullom

    Dan Ullom Administrator Staff Member

    Well it won't be long till Mavericks run out of insurance and get their Coast Guard Permit. Meanwhile the surf is up.


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