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Bail Increased to $2M for Manuel Anton Sedillo-Messer S.M.C.C.P.S.A

Discussion in 'The Other Side Of The Hill' started by sarahkins55, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. sarahkins55

    sarahkins55 New Member

    Former San Mateo County Child Protective Services Agency Social Worker

    A former San Mateo County Child Protective Services Agency social worker, Manuel Anton Sedillo-Messer just had his bail increased for the third time to $2,000,000 and was taken into custody. Hon Judge Yee said the bail exceeds the bail guide but that she was troubled by the evidence the DA has presented which demonstrated he was still in contact with at least one of his victims and was pressuring her not to testify against him in court.

    His criminal trial is set for February 22, 2016 where he is charged with 30 counts.

    Sedillo-Messer faces 17 counts of oral copulation with a minor under the age of 18 and 11 counts of statutory rape or sexual penetration with a person under the age of 18, and other charges. He was out of custody on $400,000 bail, which was increased to $600,000. His parents posted the additional $200,000, and he remained out of jail, until today as his bail was increased to $2,000,000.

    This is where one of the victims lived.Employees of this home were informed by the victim that her social worker was having sex with her and they chose to remain silent.
  2. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    Great article Sarah Navratil good job.
  3. sarahkins55

    sarahkins55 New Member

    Update For Manuel Anton Sedillo-Messer Criminal Court Case No. SC082897A that was scheduled for February 22nd. This case has now been settled. This is a 30 count case of a San Mateo County social worker "Employee" having sex with a ward of the court and she was court ordered to live at the home pictured above. This is extremely fast to settle a complicated case in this nature.
    Who Benefits from this?
  4. Dan Ullom

    Dan Ullom Administrator Staff Member

    What The ..........? Sounds like something is being swept under the rug. Has this been settled with the victim? Has the abuse extended beyond this case. How many victims did the court award to this pervert? Makes my skin crawl.
  5. Michael Stogner

    Michael Stogner Active Member

    San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe chose to offer this plea bargain settlement without the publics knowledge. He sends a daily e-mail to reporters announcing important updates on cases he thinks the public should know about. There was no public story or announcement of the court date to hear about this offer, even today I don't know what date this happened. Only 2 of San Mateo County's 7 english printed papers had a story and it was after the fact. One was on 2/20/2016 the other 2/23/2016.

    Dan, You ask a Great Question, "How many victims did the court award to this pervert."

    My question is did Hon. Judge Matra Diaz have anything to do with this case? She continued to refer boys to Dr. William Ayers (who is in PRISON for molesting boys) after she had personal knowledge of sex abuse allegations against him.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2016

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