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Attention Half Moon Bay Residents

Discussion in 'Our Side Of The Hill' started by Dan Ullom, Dec 13, 2015.


Should the HMB City Council ask for bids on the video recording/broadcasts of their meetings?

Poll closed Dec 18, 2015.
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  1. Dan Ullom

    Dan Ullom Administrator Staff Member

    At this week's city council meeting the council will be discussing a contract with PCTV for the broadcasting and recording of city council and planning commission meetings. We know that PCTV is now live streaming the city council meetings and they have created an archive of past videos. We are very happy to see this finally happen, but...............

    Citizen Access TV will meet all the conditions of the proposed contract with PCTV

    We will perform the same 6 month contract for $2000 less than PCTV.

    We will add a spanish translation to the broadcast. The city now has a translator at the city council meetings and we could easily add the audio to our broadcast. We can either put the english on one channel and the spanish on the other or we can do 2 separate broadcasts, one english and one spanish.

    We would like to see the community become more involved with local politics. We would like to offer the Boy's and Girl's Club (or any HMB civic organization) the use of our equipment and training. In exchange they would provide us with 1 person per meeting to help and eventually run the whole production. After the meeting we would donate $100 to the Boy's and Girl's Club (or any HMB civic organization such as The Friends of the Library). This would add up to about $6,000 for the Boy's and Girl's Club over the 6 month contract.

    If the city will hire Citizen Access TV for a fiscal year, Citizen Access TV will donate our entire broadcast system (approx $7,000 value) to the city. This would enable the city to broadcast and record all of their meetings in the future with virtually no cost to the taxpayers.

    We know that several of the council members do not like some of the opinions we express but we hope that they can put their personal opinions aside and do what is best for the residents of our city.

    We feel we are providing the City of Half Moon Bay with a great opportunity that would benefit the whole community.

    We are asking anyone who has an opinion on this matter to show up at the City Council meeting Tuesday December 15th at 7:00 pm. If you can not make the meeting please contact the city council members and let them know what you think.

    Mayor Rick Kowalczyk 650-726-8250

    Vice Mayor Debbie Ruddock 650-726-8250

    Marina Fraser 650-726-8250

    John Muller 650-726-8250

    Deborah Penrose 650-726-8250

    PCTV's version of 12-1 City Council Meeting

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